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My journey so far in healing myself and stopping Night terrors

Night Terror FREE! Update (finally)

By Kat

I wrote this as a reply to my comments - and when I posted it I thought “MAN - that is one long spiel” … so I decided I’d turn into into a new post instead.

So, here goes …

These days I eat what I feel like eating; I’m sorry to say that my passion for nutrition and belief that by looking after mySelf nutritionally everything else would fall away changed radically fairly soon after this post. I had an experience after doing a Reiki course. A childhood memory which had been long suppressed came back to me. I will not go into the details, but let’s just say it was incredibly traumatic and took me many many months within which I used several different energy-therapies to assist me in overcoming.

Since then, I have been able to see how intricately every little tiny part of us is connected to the rest - and how you cannot focus upon one aspect of self without pushing other aspects into the spotlight too. What I am trying to say is that by focusing upon nutrition you are doing an amazing service to your body. However, in many cases there is also likely to be a number of other issues which rise up to the surface to be dealt with once you start treating yourSelf in such a positive way. These may come in the form of unexpressed emotions, conflicting beliefs, beliefs which no longer serve you, spiritual issues, other body complaints … and so on. The potential list could go on forever.

What happened for me is that once I had cleared out a whole heap of old-food- junk from my physical body, my emotional body said “Hey, I’ve got all kinds of crap in here too!” and I spent months letting that go, to then find that I also had all kinds of conflicting beliefs, and beliefs which held me in a place in my Life which was no longer desirable. I believed I was wrong, not good enough, not an adequate human being (among others). So, for me - the food thing was just the beginning. I dealt with all my other issues and gradually found mySelf in a very desirable position. For nearly two years now I have not had a night terror.

I have rediscovered mySelf - the who I really am and although I occasionally see something I don’t want there I feel pretty clear and connected in a mind-body-soul kinda way and find it very easy to change.

So, in this wonderful place of hindsight I can say that I think the anti-candida diet did play a big part in eliminating my Night Terrors. BUT every single one of us has travelled a different road to get here, so I cannot say what should be the next step for you. If you are being good to YourSelf in any way this can only be a good thing - a step towards a better night’s sleep and who knows what other bonus too?

I developed a theory over the years about Night Terrors - that they are simply like an overflow tap for unexpressed and unresolved emotions - which are likely also linked to bodily conditions (like Candida) and beliefs in a big unfriendly feeling but actually health-seeking cycle. Whether it is on a conscious or unconscious level that you hold your emotions in, they stick to you until you express them fully. If you can imagine a whole HEAP of unexpressed fear etc. building up over the years … at some point you are going to reach capacity and you will have to let go of some of that stuff. Night Terrors are perfect for that - an unconscious RAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH it out. And if you can get away without identifying with it, that bit of stuff has gone forever. If you think it is something which somehow makes you who you are, well - then you just invite it right back in again and BAM the cycle has to repeat itSelf. Kids are less likely to do this - which is why their NTs are generally resolved within a few years. Adults on the other hand think about the whole scenario and BOOM. They’re stuck with them for Life.

Just as an extra here - it occurred to me that you may wonder how a child managed to stock up on so many negative emotions when you are such a loving parent?? Well - if you think about how as a parent you pass on physical characteristics to your child. And you also pass on certain character traits. And lumped in too is all the old emotional, mental craziness that you, and those who came before you hadn’t yet resolved too. Bummer. But - if you allow them (and yourSelf) to express all of that then you get to end the cycle right NOW.

Sebastian - you mentioned your little girl. This was a year ago now, so I’m not sure if it’s still relevant - but from my POV I’d like to say that our natural impulse is to move and change - and throw out anything that does not serve us well (NTs). If your daughter does have Night Terrors it is because (in my opinion) she has inherited whatever it is that caused yours. If you allow her to suffer them without going any further than that she will belt it all out until it’s gone - and continue with her Life free from that particular problem. The more you worry and focus upon them as a problem, the more she will pick up on it and the problem will persist. Good luck - I hope she is a wonderful sleeper ;)

And good luck Vince, Ally and Rachel too - and many thanks for replying to my article and sharing your stories. Night Terrors gave me a massive push forward in my Life, and although I felt like I hated them the whole time I suffered, I look back now and am incredibly grateful. Without them I’d still be that scared little girl who thought I was worthless. Now I get to live my Life out with Love. Who could ask for more than that?

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